Do you want to take your family on your study visa? Access Worldwide tells you how…

Canada, UK, US or Australia….confused about your choice? We can help! Why Canada is the obvious choice for Indian students planning to take along dependants for the duration of education-

Canada is currently the most open. There are no program restrictions and various dependant types are welcomed. In Canada, dependants have the option to apply for a study permit, work permit, or visitor visa. The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) provides a well-defined pathway for international students and their immediate family members (spouses and young children) to stay in Canada and gain the post-graduation work experience required for permanent residency applications.

  • Example: An undergraduate student from India enrolled in a computer science program at a Canadian university can bring their spouse and two young children on dependant visas.
  • Flexibility: No matter the study program, as long as the student meets immigration requirements, their dependants can join them.

 US and Australia have some limitations: Both require specific study programs and have restrictions on dependant types.

Even though the US issued the most dependant visas to Indian students, the inability for dependants to work may discourage international students from bringing their families with them or may encourage them to look elsewhere to study.

  • Restrictions in Australia: Only specific program types like doctorates, research-based masters, and some vocational courses qualify for dependant visas. Undergraduate or general coursework-based programs may not allow bringing dependants.

UK has the most significant restriction: Only postgraduate research students can bring dependants.

Confused about your choice? We can help!

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