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Australia’s New Visa Rules: No Worries for Most Indian Students

Though Australia said it would tighten visa rules for students and low-skilled migrant workers and now demand higher English proficiency score of 6.0 for student visa applicants, up from the earlier 5.5, many experts believe there will be no impact on most students. This is because the new 6.0 English proficiency score is already a standard for most Australian universities favoured by Indian students. The move is only likely to impact students who do not have strong English skills. Genuine students with good profiles wouldn’t have issues,

The revamp will hit only the 5% or so of students going for low-level vocational programmes. There will also be changes for people who go from one course to another. If you’re studying in a particular programme and want to do a second one, those rules will be tightened for switching between unrelated study programs.

Australian high commissioner Philip Green said the new policy will not adversely impact opportunities for Indian students as they are protected under the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement. There remains a shortage of skilled workers in Australia – and the country will continue to attract Indian students.

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