Abhimanyu scores an overall IELTS Band Score of 8.5 out of 9

Did you know? a high IELTS Score can help your immigration chances to Canada or Australia

A high IELTS band score significantly impacts an individual’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, which is used to assess eligibility for immigration to Canada through the Express Entry system. A higher CRS score increases the chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency. Similarly, in Australia, a high IELTS band score can enhance an applicant’s chances of meeting the language proficiency requirements and qualifying for skilled migration programs.

Access Institute understands the significance of a high IELTS band score and offers specialized coaching to help immigration aspirants achieve their desired scores. The institute’s experienced faculty members provide comprehensive guidance, exam-oriented strategies, and extensive practice material to familiarize students with the IELTS exam format. Access Institute’s tailored approach helps students improve their language skills and overcome specific challenges they may face.

Our student Abhimanyu displayed exceptional performance in the IELTS Academic exam, achieving an impressive band score of 8.5 out of 9. He excelled particularly in Listening with a perfect score of 9, while also securing strong scores of 8.5 in Reading, 7.5 in Writing, and 8 in Speaking, showcasing his overall proficiency in the English language as well as the efficacy of our training techniques.

His scores were-

Listening: 8.5/9

Reading: 9/9 [Perfect Score]

Writing: 7.5/9

Speaking: 8/9

Overall IELTS Band Score: 8.5/9

Access Institute’s focus on practical learning and mock tests enables students to develop confidence and fluency in using English in real-life situations. The institute’s support and personalized attention ensure that students are well-prepared to excel in all four modules of the IELTS exam – listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

By choosing Access Institute, you can also significantly enhance your chances of achieving a high CRS score and successfully applying for permanent residency in Canada or Australia. Our expertise, specialized coaching, and commitment to students’ success make us your reliable partner on your path to immigration.